Hi there!

I’m Robert Dolan, a cosmetic surgeon from Melbourne. I’ve completed my medical degree from London. After residency, I decided to enter the exciting field of cosmetic surgery and so studied in this field for further 2 years at John Hopkins University, US. I was born in Australia, and I always wanted to practice in my home country. After finishing my training and courses, I came back to Melbourne and started my own practice as a cosmetic surgeon.

Like the other parts of the world, the popularity of cosmetic surgery has increased in Australia as well. There are lots of hospitals and clinics in Australia that provide good cosmetic surgery treatments. In my clinic, you can get breast augmentation, liposuction, botox, tummy tuck and other types of cosmetic surgery treatments.

I have picked the best people in this field to join my team. My nurses and doctors are well trained and they follow the best practices. I’m always concerned about the hygiene of my patients so that there are fewer side effects like infection after the surgery. I have bought the latest machine for my procedures. So, if you are looking for the most modern cosmetic surgery treatment in Melbourne, you can come to my clinic.